The First Six FA members

Fotis Tyligadas

Harris Tyligadas

Kyriakos Nathanail

John Tyligadas

Spyros Vris

Apostolis Tyligadas

FotisArts logo (1996)

Finalized logo (1998)

FotisArts logo (1997)

History of FA’s logos

FotisArts Entertainment Team was founded by Fotis Tyligadas in 1995, becoming the first Greek video game developer. Inspired by the legendary LucasArts Entertainment, Westwood Studios and Origin Systems, Tyligadas set the goals of the Team to be the creation of innovative games with state-of-the-art graphics and a rich storyline. The original team consisted of six members, all, young talented developers and video game enthusiasts.

Original FotisArts logo (1995)

FA Games chronologically

Observer 96 (1996)

Dynamite Ball (1997)

The Persian Wars (PUD)

Alien Hazard (PUD)

The Combat of the Gods (PUD)

Fears (PUD)

On November 1995, the Team started work on the first game, a picture-quiz game for the PC called Observer 96. It was released on April 1996 receiving great acclaim. By that time FA created the first concepts of three big production video games, a real-time strategy, The Persian Wars a first person shooter, Alien Hazard and a real-time RPG, Fears.

FA produced its second game in 1997. Dynamite Ball was an arkanoid clone with various innovative twists, that made it unique among the dozens arkanoid spinoffs created since then, challenging even the original hugely successful game.

After finishing work on Dynamite Ball, the Team resumed work on their “big” projects. The two games FA focused on were The Persian Wars and Alien Hazard. Eventually initial work started on Alien Hazard for the PC platform but the limitations of the processing power and the 3D rendering capabilities of the PCs of the time, brought production to a halt.

In 1999, FotisArts Entertainment seized work on all projects and began a structural reorganizing. During the following years the advance of the computing power of the PCs along with the release of the 3rd generation game consoles, created a new scene for game developers. New creative tools and SDKs allowed the construction of digital worlds with unprecedented detail and gaming platforms were now powerful enough to render them.

In 2008, the founder of the Team, Fotis Tyligadas, decided to reassemble the Team and restart development of video games for the PC, the nextgenXBOX and the PS4 consoles. Faithful to the ideas that created it, innovation in the gameplay, state-of-the-art graphics and rich storytelling, FotisArts will continue to offer digital entertainment.

Dynamite Ball opening screen  (1997)

Observer 96 logo (1996)

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