These are the games FotisArts Entertainment is working on.

Alien Hazard Concept art

Alien Hazard Concept art

Alien Hazard was one of the two original first projects  FA was created to develop in 1995. Harris Tyligadas, one of The First Six Members suggested making a game about a human-alien war. Founder Fotis Tyligadas, took the idea and developed into a first person shooter.

Alien Hazard was born, a game about an all out war between the human and an alien race over earth. The story involves, among other things, an alien civil war, the water of the earth and the United Forces of Earth striking from underwater bases. The player will play as Scott Willis, an air-force commander and will involve battles on the surface, the air and underwater.

The game is currently under development and will feature many innovative elements in the gameplay and in the interaction with the environment. it will also feature a rich multiplayer part with specifically designed game modes for it.

Alien Hazard Info

Type : First Person Shooter

Project Origin : 1995

Current Status : Under Development (2012)

Platform : PC / XBOX ONE / PS4

Alien Hazard Concept art

The Persian Wars was FA’s second original project. It was created by Fotis Tyligadas and was to be a real-time strategy game. Initial work on the project started in 1996 with an intended release date of May 1999.

In The Persian Wars you play either as the United Greek City-States or as the Persian Empire for the domination of the known world. True to the nature of the category, the game offers a great variety of units, base and structures building, fortifications and naval battles, playable in large 3D-terrain maps. Innovative elements include weather effects such as rain and snow affecting unit performance and movement and an army morale counter.

The game is as of 2008 suspended. However FotisArts is working on a way to modernize the gameplay and handling of real-time strategy games and resume production of this iconic title.

The Persian Wars Info

Type : Real-Time Strategy

Project Origin : 1996

Current Status : Suspended (2012)

Platform : PC

Persian Wars Gameplay design

Persian Wars Concept art

Persian Wars Music theme

Fears is FotisArts latest project. It started as a third-person shooter but eventually it evolved into an real-time RPG. Initial development of the project began in 1999 by Fotis Tyligadas, with many rewrites and story changes until 2010 when its story was finalized.

Fears is a game set in a medieval world where kings, knights, dragons and evil wizards fight for control of a mythical kingdom called Oleroth. Fears is a story of love. Love is what drives the heroes and heroines of the game to redemption. Enormously detailed scenery, a fully explorable environment and many interesting characters to meet along the way compiles the world of Fears.

The game is at an early stage of development, but progress has recently been accelerated. It is coming together to be one of the greatest RPGs packed with new features and a combat system never before used in any game of that type.

Fears Info

Type : Real-Time RPG

Project Origin : 1999

Current Status : Under Development (2012)

Platform : PC / XBOX ONE / PS4

Fears Original manuscript

Fears Concept art